Alternative Loss of Use Claims


       Arias Realty Group works closely with Relocation companies and Insurance Companies  to find their policy holder’s the perfect temporary home during their claim.  We have helped countless families find a place to call home during these unexpected events. We have a strong grasp on the needs of both the policy holder and insurance company when locating a temporary property. 



Fair Rental Value

We provide a broker’s opinion on the policy holder property to give comparable comps.  We understand the rental market through out California and beyond. 

Personalized Care

We understand the needs of the client and help them work through this difficult time in their lives.  We believe that communication is key.  Setting up expections for the client is important in this process.


We work with agents and landlords on behalf of the Policy Holder / Tenant to get the best possible price and lease terms. 

Inventory of Homes

We have an inventory of properties through out the united states with affiliates and landlords that offer Furnished Short Term Rentals to a high quality standard.